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Youth/Family Activities and Information 


(Be sure to check for new entries marked with a blue asterisk (*) throughout this page).


Healthy Eating Tips:  Oatmeal, whole grains, oranges, fish, salmon, soy, tofu, nuts, spinach, collard greens/greens, tomatoes, deep colored fruit and vegetables, watermelon, fiber, peppers, apples, pumpkin, berries (especially blueberries) green/black tea, tomato paste, beans (all varieties), broccoli, broccoli sprouts...


*Healthy foods that may help fight against colds and flu:  Honey, blueberries (whole dried), olive oil, kiwi, grape juice (red),  garlic...


(Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any health, food or exercise routine).





 *Things To Do in Washington, D.C. and Your Local Area:


Please call the locations before attending any of the following functions to verify all information! 

(click on the link below to view list):


Other Youth/Family Activities:

*Be sure to check your local listings for the following type of activities in your local area:


Gospel Skate at Skate Palace, 3132 Branch Avenue, Temple Hills, MD 20748, 301-505-6490 ( Every 1st Friday of each month 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm/ Cost: $7.00 (Saturday's, schedule to be announced).

*Also check your local listings for Gospel Skates in your area.

Early Bird bowling/gospel bowling, check for specials at your local bowling alley.


Rio Family Entertainment Center, Rockville, MD 


Publik Playhouse, Landover, MD (various theatre arts performances for all ages, open all year long, sometimes free or nominal fee). Contact: 301-277-1710 (8:30 am - 5 pm) also:


Free Hope Baptist Church Monument, Bladensburg, Md.


The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum, 1601- 03 E. North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21213  (Call for information and reservations: 401-563-3404,


Gospel cruises, Baltimore Harbor, also Water Street, Washington, D.C.  (Call for further information.)


Baltimore Aquarium, Baltimore, MD


Local museums and tours.   (Call your local Department of Commerce for listing of tourist attractions in your area.)


Call DC Department of Commerce for information on tours of Washington, D.C. tourist attractions such as: Smithsonian Institute, Monument, Capitol, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial, FDR Monument, etc.

Picnics/Bicycling/Walking/Jogging in local parks.  


Miniature golf, Go-Karts


Check local recreation centers, Park Service, indoor/outdoor pools, libraries for activities of interest to you--many of these activities are free or you pay a small fee.


Nature Centers/Botanical Gardens, check your local park service for these listings, free or small fee.


Listen to your local Christian/gospel radio station for upcoming (some times FREE gospel concerts, events.


Check the Kennedy Center for listing of FREE concerts and events.  (These concerts are held daily.)


Check MCI center/local arenas for upcoming sporting events, gospel concerts of interest.


**If you have any other suggestions for Christian family entertainment or activities, please e-mail us and let us know.** 


Christian/Gospel Radio Stations:


                                  104.1 FM

WAVA                      105.1 FM

WGTS                        91.9 FM 

Morgan State               88.9 FM (ALL DAY SUNDAY ONLY)

WPGC HEAVEN       1580 AM

WYCB                      1340 AM

WFAX                      1220 AM

WABS                        780 AM


Christian Book /Music/ Resource Stores:    


Baptist Bookstore,


Evangel Bookstore, Upper Marlboro, Md, 301-249-9400


Family Bookstore,  Laurel, Md, 301-604-2602,


Gospel Spreading Bible Bookstore, Washington, D.C., 202-745-BOOK (2665)


Jesus Bookstore, 301-735-1100, www.jesusbookandgift/home.asp


John 316 Bookstore, Lanham, Md., 301-459-5999,


Olive Branch/The Place,  Rockville, Md, 301-340-1129,  


Potomac Adventist Book and Health Food Store/Living Well, Silver Spring, Md, 301-572-0700,


*Call 800-743-3780 for FREE Christian Business Directory called "The Shepherd's Guide",www.shepherd'


More updates coming soon.  So please check back.  Have Joy!  Have Fun!  May God bless You!